Spade Awards

Congratulations to the hard work of all journal members who worked on spading. Below are those who won awards and special recognition for their hard work! Thank you all!  Weiss Article  Best BTL: Madison Chapel Best ATL: Patrick Dowling Mbaku – Round Two Best BTL: Mary Moore Best ATL: Jack Woods Mbaku – Round Two Group [Read More … ]

Congratulations to Lydney Zwing Bryant SCJILB Alumni ’12!

SCJILB Alumni Lydney Zwing Bryant ’12 was granted the 2020 Silver Compleat Award for her significant contributions to the legal profession and exemplifying the highest standard of professional competence, ethics and integrity. She, along with other recipients, will be honored Thursday, April 2nd, 2020. Congratulations! For more information regarding the 2020 Compleat Award winners, see: [Read More … ]

The Australian Refugee Crisis: An International Law Issue

Australia, a country known for its laid-back culture, outback animals, and “shrimps on the barbie,” for the past sixteen years has recently been in the international law focus for a much less positive reason. In August of 2001, a Norwegian freight rescued 430 asylum seekers from a sinking vessel in the Indian Ocean.[1] The freight [Read More … ]

Corporate Promotion Of LGBT Rights In The United States And Abroad: Just Do It

  In many parts of the world, cultural change is required before LGBT people can be freed from persecution based on their sexual orientation, and corporations should advocate for that change.  The private sector has a unique opportunity to influence culture. Consumers all over the globe interact with corporate brands every day.  As consumers, we [Read More … ]

Is China Finally Ready To Help Solve The North Korea Problem?

  The current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is third in a line of totalitarian leaders which began with his grandfather, Kim Il-sung. North Korea is a Stalinist Communist state infamous for its pugnacious saber-rattling, its isolation from the rest of the world, and its undeterred development of nuclear weapons. North Korea has carried [Read More … ]

Volume 15 Editor-In-Chief

The South Carolina Journal of International Law & Business is proud to announce that Rachel Lee will be our Volume 15 Editor-In-Chief.   We would also like to thank Jessica Shultz, Edward Waelde, and Kendall Crawford for taking the opportunity to run for EIC.

Spading Awards Fall 2017 – Second Spade

SCJILB would like to recognize our second round of staff editors who have received spading awards. Congratulations to our Above The Line Golden Spade Winners: Assatta A. Herbert, Ivey LaValle, Bailey Loftis       Congratulations to our Below the Line Golden Spade Winners: Jessica Paribello, Dana Maurizio, Ryan Bondura  

Spading Awards Fall 2017

SCJILB would like to recognize our staff editors who have received spading awards. Above the line: Jessica Shultz, Rachel Lee, and Brian Gavigan   Below the line: John Waelde, Bobby Coons, and Assatta Herbert     Congratulations!